Price list

Women’s slippers, shoes and boots 30-34 35-42
Strapped shoes 22.000 Ft 25.000 Ft
Knitted shoes 22.000 Ft 26.000 Ft
Shoes with laces 22.000 Ft 25.000 Ft
Zsámbok slippers   24.000 Ft
Kartal slippers   24.000 Ft
Lacquer strapped shoes   25.000 Ft
Velvet embroidered shoes with a single buckle Csömör style   29.000 Ft
Velvet embroidered shoes with a single buckle Fót, rosebud style   29.000 Ft
Single buckle shoes with lacquer decoration from the river Galga style   29.000 Ft
Two-buckle Palóc shoes with lacquer decoration   31.000 Ft
Boots with embroidered velvet lacquer decoration   36.000 Ft
Thousand-wrinkle boots from Kalotaszeg   70.000 Ft
Riding boots   62.000 Ft
Ankle boots   30.000 Ft
Velvet embroidered boots with Veresegyháza style   38.000 Ft
Velvet embroidered boots Rákospalota style   42.000 Ft
Women’s arched soft-calf boots 39.000 Ft 44.000 Ft
Women’s hard-calf seamed boots 53.000 Ft 59.000 Ft
Majorette boots 40.000 Ft 44.000 Ft
Wrinkled seamed hard-calf boots   65.000 Ft
Side-sewn milled Hollókő style boots   76.000 Ft
Side-sewn milled Óbars style boots   76.000 Ft
Side-sewn milled Kéménd style boots   73.000 Ft
Side-sewn wrinkled seamed Méra style boots   84.000 Ft
Side-sewn wrinkled seamed Magyarvista style boots   82.000 Ft
Men’s shoes and boots 30-34 35-39 40-46
Men’s shoes   27.000 Ft 29.000 Ft
„Trekking boots”   30.000 Ft 33.000 Ft
Soft-calf boots 42.000 Ft 48.000 Ft 52.000 Ft
Hard-calf seamed boots 52.000 Ft 60.000 Ft 70.000 Ft
Seamed arched „laddy” boots     73.000 Ft
Wrinkled, seamed hard boots     78.000 Ft
Seamed, wrinkled Kalotaszeg boots with decorative stitches     85.000 Ft
Riding boots     68.000 Ft
Renaissance shoes     35.000 Ft
Renaissance boots     58.000 Ft
Napoleon or „labanc” boots     75.000 Ft

We can only post our parcels after we receive the requested amount of money for the goods.